Corporate Network Solutions provides all type of network infrastructure like Routers, Switched ASA’s Fire walls SUN systems for training and production purpose.


We have the Best LAB in Karnataka having more than 150 Routers & 35 Switches (including 15 highend Voice Routers) dedicated ONLY for training
     Dedicated intel Xion servers and Cisco media convergence servers.
     More than 10 IP phones & 3 LWAP devices.
     Cisco - ASA & PIX , T1 & E 1 connection.
     Wirless IP camera in each training room for remote monitoring.
     ISDN Simulator & Cisco wireless Controller.
     Training regular Batches for Accenture & Infosys worldwide
     We DO NOT use any virtual training system programs.
     Every training program mentioned in our website is on a real time experience.
     Beside trainings we also provide racks on rental basis on remote and physical access.
     We have expert trainers for different courses.
     We have both options of onside and offside training programs.
     We organise regular OBLevents for corporate apart from inhouse soft skill programs.
We Have 2 class rooms equipped with 30 systems dual core 2 GB ram 2.6 Ghz with capicty of 30 & 15 students at a time.
    Authorized test centre for Pearson.
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